"Art to be Shared, History to be Worn."


Artist Lynda Jameson Henglein makes the antique monograms she has gathered, from the

crowns of Europe, to the drawing rooms of America, come to life as their intricately intertwined

letters are captured forever, in sterling silver.

We honor the artists of history by slipping their prized designs around our neck or dangling them

from our ears.  They, and their royal patrons, are most certainly with us as we wear these bits of

alphabet, arranged in mysterious ways.

Join us in celebrating the revitalization of this historical heraldic artistry. Each piece features beautiful photography by Nikki Smith and a short story inspired by the history, artist or the piece itself by Amanda Ashmore.

The monograms used by Lynda will be featured in multiple pieces. Each piece is unique in its intricately detailed handcrafting which ensures each piece to be its own distinct creation.