"Art to be Shared, History to be Worn."

Lynda Jameson Henglein is a Texas artist who studied art at the University of South Florida, while accompanying her military husband on assignment in Tampa, Florida. 

After years of working in ceramics,  she discovered a new medium that allowed her to combine her love of being an artist with her collection of antique, European monogrammed linens. Silver Linens Jewelry was born.

She creates sterling silver pendants, earrings and more, all with incredibly intertwined letters from around the world. Her work is beautiful, unique, one of a kind pieces of art. Making the pendants the way she does, they appear to be the very age of the monogram they display.  Her motto has come to be "Art to be shared, history to be worn."

Join us in celebrating the revitalization of this historical heraldic artistry. Each piece features beautiful photography by Nikki Smith and a short story inspired by the history, artist or the piece itself by Amanda Ashmore.

The monograms used by Lynda will be featured in multiple pieces. Each piece is unique in its intricately detailed handcrafting which ensures each piece to be its own distinct creation.