Baron Beauford - SOLD


Baron Beauford - SOLD


Dressed to Impress

       Walking out of the dressing room to stand before a trio of mirrors, Baron Beauford cannot help but feel he looks smart.  This is his first suit purchase since inheriting the title of Baron, and he has splurged a little having gone to the finest tailor in Chelsey and to Firmin and Sons to have a new monogrammed set of buttons created for the suit as well.  He wanted to be taken seriously by his peers and his mother had always taught him that his appearance would go a long way in creating a positive statement of his person. Turning to go back into the dressing room the tailor, Mr. Carter, who had been servicing his family for years, smiled approvingly and told him his father would be proud.

Historical Fiction by Amanda Ashmore

BB Monogram from an old Military button by Firmin and Sons Limited (button company established in 1655 which supplied buttons for Civil War uniforms). Sterling Silver Links and Gold Filled Links.

Monogram: BB

Size: 7.5 inches

Weight: 20g

Inventory #: B134