King David


King David


Spoils of War and the favor of God

     Gold, rubies, diamonds and pearls adorned all the palaces and the temple; the spoils of war and riches of God’s favor displayed for all to see.  Sweeping gardens were filled with flowering trees and shrubs from foreign lands.  Fruit gardens were filled with enough variety to rival that of Eden.  Ladies were adorned in gemstones and rich, sumptuous fabrics.  Men lounged around drinking rich wine and eating the choicest of game.  Kings and Queens from all around sent tribute and favor.  At the seat of it all was King David of the Israelites ruling his vast kingdom.  His royal monogram was featured throughout his palace and spoke of the wonder, majesty and splendor this great King commanded.  

Historical fiction by Amanda Ashmore


Monogram by the heraldic artist Charles Demengeot in the book, Dictionnaire Chiffre-Monnagramme (1881), published in Paris, France.

Monogram:  David

Size:  55 x 88mm

Weight:  79.5g

Inventory #: P011 

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