EAD Monogram from a hand-embroidered antique linen Batiste handkerchief (1932)

Monogram: EAD

Weight: 12.7 grams

Size: 74mm Length x 32 mm Width
Inventory #: ER036

Attic of Treasures

Elizza had donned coveralls, and was now ready as she pulled down the creaky attic stairs. She is determined to clean out the attic having recently purchased this amazing historical house near the campus of William and Mary with her husband, a new British literature professor on campus. In the attic are piles of dusty old boxes from years of visiting professors leaving possessions behind. The house used to be a part of the old campus where single teaching staff would have communal lodging under a matron’s watchful eye. Within the boxes, Elizza has found an impressive vinyl record collection, an unfinished memoir, letters of correspondence, and several interesting outfits of clothing.  Today, Elizza is determined to finish going through the boxes. After an hour or two, she found a nearly destroyed box containing a dusty, tattered jewelry box. As she opens the jewelry box, she finds a well-preserved, monogrammed handkerchief, and to her surprise, she finds a pair of earrings bearing the same monogram nestled safely inside. To her delight, the monogram on both items is identical to her own. Elizza can't remember anyone bearing this monogram in the house’s history, so she can’t wait to research the life of the woman who not only shares the same monogram but also a link to this beautiful house.

Historical Fiction by Amanda Ashmore 

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