DMG Monogram from a hand embroidered antique linen Batiste handkerchief (1940).

Monogram: DMG

Weight: 18.4 grams

Size: 41 x 37 mm
Inventory #: ER014

Token of Love

Sitting in the hanger with his eyes heavenward, he breathes a final sigh of relief.  It is V Day and all the boys are celebrating.  All he can think of, as he holds he monogrammed handkerchief and lock of hair, is getting back home to his Dollie.  In every mission, these 2 tokens were tucked into his jacket pocket, over his heart, a talisman against harm.  One thing he knew for sure was as soon as he was home, he was going to propose to his angel and he had decided, as a wedding present, he would have a pendant made for her, containing her monogram.

Historical Fiction by Amanda Ashmore

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