Monogram by heraldic artist, AA Turbayne – Member of the Carlton Group, from the 1906 book, A Complete Book of Monograms & Ciphers, London, England

Monogram: MEE


Weight: 8 grams

Size: 19 x 20 mm

Inventory #: ER015

When Their Eyes Meet

Taking a turn in the Pump Room of Bath, Mae feels his eyes upon her.  The warm, chocolate eyes belonged to a tall, handsome gentleman dressed in a finely tailored suit. His gaze had Mae pinned, mid stride.  She had noticed him before, on the days she had visited the Pump Room upon her arrival to Bath. Never could she recall a lady upon his arm.  As she continued along her path, she noted him starting to make his way across the room towards her.  Mae nervously reaches up to tidy her hair, and her fingers brush against the monogrammed earrings her mother had left her upon her passing.  Could he really be making his way toward her?  She looks around and sees she is the only unaccompanied lady in the vicinity.  Time stands still as he comes to stand before her, and with an utterly transfixing voice, he says, "Hello."

Historical Fiction by Amanda Ashmore

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