From a hand embroidered, antique linen Batiste handkerchief (1921)

Monogram: PA

Weight: 9.7 grams

Size: 26 x 26 mm

Inventory #: ER016

Phantom of the Opera

Laying down her monogrammed handkerchief, Pheobe pushed away from the makeup table and answered the dressing room door for her best friend, Shaye Marie.  It was both friends' debut night in the Phantom of the Opera.  Phoebe was starring in the coveted role of Christine and Shaye Marie had won the role of her best friend, Meg.  Phoebe and Shaye Marie laughed nervously as they finished each other's makeup and Shaye Marie dried Phoebe's nervous tears with her handkerchief.  Finally ready, they run through the hallway to the stage and take their places, awaiting the curtain rise.

Historical Fiction by Amanda Ashmore

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