From a hand embroidered antique handkerchief – Budapest, Hungary (1910)

Monogram: AF

Weight:14.4 grams

Size:74 x 34 mm

Inventory #: ER020

   A Fresh Start In Budapest

Arlene was free!  After 10 years in a destructive marriage, she was finally able to move on and start life afresh.  But how? How could she stop all the voices that were drowning out every ray of hope in her mind?  She decided she needed to take the time to find herself again.  With the few belongings she had left, she packed up and began traveling the world.  In Budapest, she visited a monastery and was taken in by the kindly monks who helped  clear her path for this fresh start at life she had before her.  Before she left, the monks gave her a gift that brought tears to her eyes.  They handed her a delicate handkerchief, beautifully embroidered with her monogram, AF, and safely nestled inside was a handcrafted sterling silver set of earrings containing the same monogram; a token of remembrance of her healing time in Budapest. 

Historical Fiction by Amanda Ashmore

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