Mississippi Date

       It was love at first play doh picnic for Luis and Veronica. After that first play date the childhood sweethearts were inseparable. Having just finished high school the pair had already been accepted to Old Miss but before college begins they decided to go on a road trip through Mississippi down to the coast.  Along the way they stopped and took pictures enough to fill several scrapbooks. Once they arrived in Gulfport they checked in to their hotel and scheduled to travel by ferry to Ship Island the next day Veronica was a History major and could not wait to explore the civil war era prison. The next day during the ferry ride the boat was escorted by a school of dolphins much to Luis’s delight as his major was Marine Biology. Little did Veronica know but Luis had a secret up his sleeve. After exploring the prison the pair traveled to the opposite side of the island where a private picnic had been set up on the beach. After a day of exploration and fun in the sea Luis dropped to one knee as the sun set and presented Veronica with a ring that contained their initials from a heraldry book that was apart of Veronica’s personal library. As he proposed Veronica flung herself into his arms screaming yes.  

Historical Fiction by Scarlett Ashmore


Oval-shaped pendant with ruffled edges and rope-like jump ring

Monogram by heraldic artist, Charles Demengeot, from the book Dictionnaire Chiffre- Monogramme, 1881, Paris, France

Monogram: LV

Weight:  26.5g

Size:  78x62mm

Inventory#:  NB018