Antoine Frederic-SOLD


Antoine Frederic-SOLD



Irritated, Monsieur Demengeot angrily ran his hands through his hair.  He had been commissioned to design a commemorative seal for France's involvement in the Crusades.  After pouring over mountains of historical documents, he was still unable to find inspiration.  In despair, he kicked over a chair holding a stack of books he had reviewed countless times.  As the books scattered on the floor, a single volume caught his eye.  It was one he had overlooked, as it was a history of his personal lineage.  "Surely," he thought to himself,  "there could be no information for this period."  Curious, he glanced through the pages and was taken aback when he found a distant royal relative had actually been commissioned to design the Knights of Templar swords.  Armed with this information, he set out to create a seal and used his relative's name, Antoine Frederic, as the basis for the monogram design contained on the seal that was to become the most recognizable heraldic image honoring the crusades.

Historical Fiction by Amanda Ashmore


Featuring a Medieval design, this pendant hosts an “AF” monogram from French heraldic artist, Charles Demengeot in his book Dictionnaire Chiffre-Monogramme (1881).  The smooth and shiny edges make the monogram, quite literally, the center of attention. With a 1.5mm 24k gold orb near the top of the crown and a detachable pavé diamond bail, this pendant will surely make the wearer feel like royalty. 

Monogram: AF

Weight: 42.8 grams

Size: 83x48mm

Inventory #:  NB050



Inventory #: NB050