Deianira - SOLD


Deianira - SOLD


Hercules and the Damsel

Tales of the hero Hercules have been memorialized in pottery, woven rugs and gold lined scrolls.  One tale among the many is of the fair maiden in distress named Deianira.  To save her from being forced into a loveless marriage to the river god Achelous Hercules wrestles Achelous for her hand in marriage.  After their marriage Hercules went on to fulfill more quests.  He once again saved his wife form despair when the wild centaur Nessus tricked and kidnapped her.  Little did Hercules know but Nessus’s plan to destroy him was still at play and unknowingly his living bride was to fulfill the plan when in desperate desire to regain Hercules love she used the supposed love potion on him.  The potion however was poisonous and Hercules succumbed to death.

Historical Retelling by: Amanda Ashmore


From the book, An Encyclopedia of Monograms (1884), by J. O'Kane of New York.

Monogram: DH

Weight:  34.6 grams

Size:  55 x 55 mm

Inventory #: NB056