Alice - SOLD


Alice - SOLD


Growing Up

      In her elegantly furnished bedroom near Chelsea, nineteen-year-old Alice properly sets the final pin in her hair.  Thinking back on the previous evening while, at dinner, Alice told Mamma and Papa that she had joined the Suffragette movement and fears they must still be reeling.  She feels strongly about the cause and is proud to be given the charge of distributing their special circular in Hyde Park.  Taking one final glance at her appearance with pride, she fastens the clasp to the dainty necklace which holds the beautiful monogrammed pendant she received from her parents on the eve of her 16th birthday, and out the door she went.

Historical Fiction by Amanda Ashmore


This  pendant is truly unique, beautifully incorporating the monogram “ALICE” on both sides of the pendant.  It comes with a large, detachable pavé diamond bail allowing the wearer to attach the pendant to the perfect necklace.  The monogram was created by heraldic artist J. Gordon Smith in his book, Monograms in Three and Four Letters (1903), London, England. 

Monogram: Alice

Weight: 52.9g 

Size: 70x55mm

Inventory #: NB057