I Am Loved-SOLD


I Am Loved-SOLD


Truly Loved

       Walking down the stairs, she notices his hand behind his back.  He is silent and in awe as he waits at the landing.  When she is finally before him, he takes her hand and kisses it then presents her with a black box.  He opens it revealing a necklace with a beautiful silver pendant inscribed with the monogram IAL.  As he fastens the clasp at her neck, she looks at the pendant and realizes it stands for I Am Loved, a concept this wonderful man is helping her to accept.

Historical Fiction by Amanda Ashmore


Monogram by J. Gordon Smith from his book, Monograms in Three and Four Letters, (1903), London, England

Monogram: IAL

Weight: 21.2 grams

Size:  39 x 61 mm

Inventory #:  NB042