William - SOLD


William - SOLD


A Precious Memory

       Laying aside her dressing gown, she reverently picked up her mourning dress.  With a shudder, her shoulders collapsed in on themselves.  After a brief moment, blotting the tears from her eyes with William's monogrammed handkerchief, she straightened back up.  She must be strong...her family needs her now more than ever.  After 50 years of marriage, the rock of her family had passed.  Even though it was only last week, she feels as though she has aged a year after losing her dear William.  As she makes her way to the awaiting carriage, she wonders if the jeweler she commissioned has completed the pendants bearing William's monogram.  She, her daughter, and her granddaughters will now carry the pendants in remembrance of a man who meant so much to so many.

Historical Fiction by Amanda Ashmore

This  “WZ” monogram is a Victorian style from 1881. Sourced from the book, Industrial Monograms, by Martin Gerlach of Vienna, Austria. With a band around the central monogram, this piece gains artistic interest. The intricate design behind the monogram adds dimension as well. The attached bail is long and narrow.

Monogram: WZ

Weight: 32.2 grams

Size: 80 x 44 mm

Inventory #: P108