Henri Renoir-SOLD


Henri Renoir-SOLD


Discovering His Passion

Quietly, he goes to the back of the small tailor shop and retrieves the jacket his father had requested.  It is for the Comté Dubois, and Henri is entranced with the delicately embroidered heraldry within the inner jacket pocket.  It is an intricate sign of the Comté’s position in court, and Henri wonders what it would be like to design such pageantry himself.  Soon he began, and night after night, he worked tirelessly to design a monogram for himself.  Slowly, with time, the artwork started to flow from him effortlessly, and as he looked on the pages of his designs with pride, he knew that this was what he had been called to create.

                 Historical Fiction by Amanda Ashmore


Created in a banner design, this piece has a sense of flow from the rolled small to midsize bail on the back to the center point in the front.  The monogram, which is the personal monogram of heraldic artist Henri Renoir, sources from the book, Dictionnaire Chiffre-Monogramme (1881), Paris, France.

Monogram: HR

Weight: 39.6 grams

Size: 43 x 33 mm

Inventory #: P134


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