Lost In Time - SOLD


Lost In Time - SOLD


Garden Treasure

       Slowly, reluctantly, the gate squeaks open as the rusty hinges resist movement from years of staying motionless, watching time slip by.  Once I am able to slip through the tiny opening, my eyes can’t believe the sight before them.  Behind the weathered wooden gate is a wild oasis.  Crumbling statues and broken branches line overgrown paths to this once English-style garden.  As I sit down on a fallen tree, something catches my eye where the sun reflects and radiates on the ground amongst the overgrowth of flowers.  I look to see what it could be.  I notice something sticking up out of the ground.   With my fingers, I dig and slowly unearth a beautiful, tarnished silver pendant detailed with ivy surrounding an 'N' on a broken leather strap.  What a mysterious treasure to find inside this secret garden.

Historical Fiction by Amanda Ashmore


This pendant displays a beautiful letter “N,” from an antique, hand- embroidered linen Batiste handkerchief, circa 1925. The stitching can be seen in the silver around the, “N” almost as if there are little silver stitches in the piece. The large bail was designed to accommodate midsize chains or pearls. This pendant also features green metal-inked ivy leaves to give this pendant a natural feel.

Monogram: N

Weight: 40 grams

Size: mm

Inventory #: P155