It's A Family Name

     As Sybil Beauchamp carefully rolled out the dough and mashed the fresh raspberries from her garden she thought about her Me´me´ Sybil.  Me´me´ was very special to her and had taught her how to make fresh macaroons.  She had been taught by her mother named Sybil back during the great depression of 1880.  Many times their little bakery provided food for the whole village. As a thank you when times started to get better the town purchased a beautiful monogramed pendant for the woman that took care of their families.  Now several generations later Sybil is still making the same macaroons in the same little bakery wearing the pendant that shows the love that kept a tiny village alive during one of its darkest hours.

Historical Fiction by Amanda Ashmore


Heraldic Artist Gustave Boussenot - form his book Chiffres & Monograms et Suite de Compositions Decoratives (1880) Paris, France

Applied letters into background, hidden bail on reverse with 1mm Gold orb

Monogram: SB

Weight:  46.8 grams

Size:  61x47mm

Inventory #:  P164