Lifelong Companion

     Looking out the window Madalyn stands still in shock.  The lawyer has just left from reading the will and giving her the black box nestled in her hand.  Gently caressing the box she thinks back on the life of Ms. Seline Clarke and all that she meant to Madalyn.  After Ms. Clarke had suffered a mild stroke it was Madalyn that had nursed her back to health.  Ms. Clarke, a wealthy spinster, had convinced Madalyn to become her companion.  Together they had traveled the world and had more experiences than Madalyn could have ever imagined.  Ms. Clarke had become a mother to Madalyn after losing her own at a young age.  Now just days after losing a mother a second time she cannot believe what she has just heard.  Ms. Clarke has left the entirety of her estate and fortune to Madalyn and requested her to change her last name to Clarke as part of the inheritance as well.  Madalyn opens the back box and finds a delicate silver pendant containing her new monogram MC.  A final loving gesture from Ms. Seline Clark.

Historical Fiction by Amanda Ashmore


Monogram by British Heraldic Artis, J Gordon Smith from his book Monograms in Three and Four Letters

Monogram: MC/CM

Weight: 2.3 grams

Size: mm

Inventory #: TP048


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