Heroine in the Making

     Clutching my pendant in my hand, I look out at my parents on the dock.  I have just graduated from university and have taken a position in another country.  Sailing by ship is the easiest way to get to India to be the new governess for the Duke of Norfolk and his family.  I have never been this far away from family, and I am nearly petrified at the thought of starting this new chapter of my life.  Taking one final look and waving goodbye, I sigh and move back to my room.  Slowly, excitement is starting to set in, and I know I am ready for this adventure.  Like the heroines of my favorite novels, I am young and anxious to find myself.  I smile and adjust my necklace, a parting gift from my parents containing my monogram.  Yes, my name is Marie, and I have decided that I, too, will be a heroine in my story.

                Historical Fiction by Amanda Ashmore


Designed by heraldic artist J. Gordon Smith, from his book Monograms in Three and Four Letters (1903) London, England

Monogram: MAR

Weight: 12.2 grams

Size: 37 x 30 mm

Inventory #: TP053


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