The Speakeasy

     The triple knock rang through her ears followed by a nearly imperceivable double knock.  The latch clicked on the small window in the middle of the door.  Percy peered through and signaled the all clear to Marjorie before lifting the heavy lock and opening the door.  Walking through the dark corridor towards her dressing room, Marjorie couldn't help but feel a chill of unease rush over her.  As she set her pin curls and applied rouge, she felt apprehensive at what might happen tonight.  Now ready, she smooths the fringe on her dress and adjusts the chain holding her monogrammed pendant.  Leaving her dressing room and heading toward the stage, she hears the heavy metal door being thrown towards the wall and Percy crumpling to the floor.  Suddenly, she is rushed by a sea of police blowing their whistles.  Shrinking into the wall as they rush past her, she hears the screams of the ladies who have accompanied gentlemen who are now being handcuffed.  Silently, Marjorie grabs her bag and slips out the back unnoticed, stopping only to see if Percy was still breathing.   Rounding the back and creeping up the alley, she sees the paddy wagon being loaded with the occupants of the speakeasy.  Marjorie shivers and silently turns around to head back down the alley, thankful she had managed to escape unnoticed.

               Historical Fiction by: Amanda Ashmore



Monogram design is originally from a hand-embroidered antique  handkerchief, circa 1920

Monogram: MSR

Weight:  16.0 grams

Size:  43 x 46 mm

Inventory#:  TP078


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