All for One and One for all -

      We are all Americans

     Riding the bus to the last game in a triple header, Betty was exhausted.  As a member of the Rockford Peaches in the newly-formed American Woman's Baseball League, she played in the center outfield position.  Days were long and hard, but nights were harder.  Sometimes, even in her exhaustion, she still couldn't find rest. So she would simply lie clasping her pendant and praying for her husband, Henry.  Before he left for war, he had bought her the pendant featuring his and her initials.  She had bought him a pocket watch engraved in the same likeness and included in it a lock of her hair.  Now, she kept busy entertaining those left at home by playing baseball and doing her part to serve her country during this time of war just as the men served on the front.

              Historical Fiction by Amanda Ashmore


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Size: 38 x 31 mm

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